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A Koh Samui Wedding

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If you’ve ever ventured into Thailand then more then likely Koh Samui was part of your itinerary. Sitting in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is home to some of Thailand’s most well known resorts, spas, beaches and when the sun goes down, parties. With the sun cooking the island 365 days a year and its abnormally high selection of ‘things to do and see’. It’s no wonder so many people come to soak up this place. Being a Koh Samui wedding photographer means exploring parts of the island that other people (even locals) may not. You open any guide book and they’ll point you to Koh Samui’s “best” beaches or “best” waterfalls though here you’ll be sharing these places with another 1000 tourists. If choosing to have your wedding on  Koh Samui then you need a Koh Samui wedding photographer that knows the island and is not afraid to take some risks. My wife and I too were married in Thailand and I know you’ve already taken one risk by travelling half way across the world to get married on this beautiful island. To then settle for an average Koh Samui wedding photographer when you could have the best would be a let down. Waterfalls, beaches, rainforests and caves, all hidden throughout the island and all waiting for you. To photograph these places we need to make a date outside of your wedding, a somewhat engagement shoot. We do this before your wedding so we get to know each other and you also become more comfortable in front of the lens. This is just one part of your adventure. Your big adventure is your wedding day. I know how important this day is to and as your Koh Samui wedding photographer there’s nothing more important to me then capturing this day perfectly. I will tell your story through every one of my photographs as you and your partner create something special together. Equally as important as capturing beautiful wedding photography is making sure you have the best day of your lives. To do this I need you to be worrying about one thing only and that’s who loves who more. As your Koh Samui wedding photographer we’ll work together as if we were mates. After years of experience I know that when we can work together on a friendship level rather than business, then that’s when we capture the best photographs. You’ll feel comfortable, natural and you’ll be able to get on with having a good time. It’s one thing to have amazing photographs but it’s another to have someone who works with you and understand you. This doesn’t matter if you’re a Koh Samui wedding photographer or an Egyptian wedding photographer, getting people to feel comfortable around your wedding photographer is equally, if not more important than the photographs themselves. This is simply because it will show. Photographs don’t lie and when you’re not feeling comfortable in front of your Koh Samui wedding photographer, it will show. So I hope by now we’re understanding each other a little more and you’re thinking to yourself “Yes, let’s get White Boda to shoot our wedding”. If not then please feel free to ask me a million questions under the Koh Samui sun and I hope we’ll be speaking soon. All the best from me Scott McCourt at White Boda wedding photography and look forward to hearing from you.

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Koh Samui wedding photographer

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