Port Macquarie Wedding Photographer

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Port Macquarie, Australia

Port Macquarie Wedding Photographer

Pete & Martha

There’s something photographically unique as the sun sets on a Port Macquarie wedding. As it begins to drop over the land, it produces a warm natural light almost unseen anywhere else. A photographers dream and in a wedding like wonderland for Pete and Martha’s Port Macquarie wedding. Port Macquarie, is a small coastal town a few hours drive north of Sydney. It was the hometown of Pete and a dream like setting far from Martha’s home of Sweden. Now I never expect anything when shooting a wedding. The day must unfold naturally and if an epic sunset wants to appear then I’m not going to say no. All day you couldn’t get the grins off mine or their faces and naturally so, because this is how your wedding should be. Their Port Macquarie wedding amazing. Thanks guys for letting me be apart of it.


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Port Macquarie Wedding Photographer

Port Macquarie, deadset one of Australia’s great coastal towns. Just a few hours drive north of Sydney and smack bang on some of Oz’s most magic beaches. Port Macquarie’s the perfect place to get away from Sydney … and an even better place to be a wedding photographer. Many moons ago I called Port Macquarie my home, growing up around the beaches of Flynn’s Beach. Back then I wasn’t known as a Port Macquarie wedding photographer. Rather a wannabe. I’d tag along with my photography mates and watch them work their magic with their wedding couples. These guys were the original gurus. Running along Towns Beach juggling rolls of film while successfully getting their wedding couples to smile. Hard work and enough to turn most people off, though not me. I saw that being a wedding photographer was something I could see myself becoming. Today, almost 10 years on and I’m proud to call myself exactly that, a Port Macquarie wedding photographer. The Port Macquarie coastline is an endless, cavernous playground with beaches and headlands popping up on every bend. Thick bushland seamlessly blends into Port Macquarie’s unique literal rainforests and the weather is some of the best to be found anywhere in Australia (that’s a scientific fact). Hearing all that that you’d think Port Macquarie is one of the best places in the world to get married. Well let me tell you that from a Port Macquarie wedding photographer’s point of view, you’re not far from the truth. The place is that beautiful even your seasoned local walks around with an ear to ear smile. Though I’m guessing if you’re choosing Port Macquarie as your wedding destination, then I’m telling you nothing new, What’s most important is that I capture the beauty of Port Macquarie through your love story and my images. As your wedding photographer I will capture you naturally and unforced. Letting you guys be the lovers you are, relaxed and at ease. This may sound easy though to do this we must work together to create a short and trusting relationship (well hopefully not too short). I’ve been a Port wedding photographer long enough to know that working on a friendship basis rather than a business one creates better images and a better day. Working on a friendship basis allows us to work without stress, without worry, so you two can just think about nothing else but having fun … that and who loves who more. I hope you’ve read this far and you’re think that you’ve found a wedding photographer you like. As your the photographer for your wedding I will tell your love story through my images. Your images will show an honest reflection of what your wedding day was, filled with all it’s love, fun and emotion. Being your local photographer, we can create a personal and special location for your wedding shoot. The options are almost endless and naturally if Port Macquarie’s your home, then you’ll have some special locations of your own. Regardless of all this, what’s most important for me is capturing the magic of your wedding day through my images and this doesn’t happen on top of a mountain or on a tropical beach, this happens with you. I really look forward to speaking with you and if you have any questions please write to me.

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Port Macquarie wedding photographer


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