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Sydney Wedding Photographer


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A Sydney Wedding

Joe & SJ

A small country town just an hours drive from the city was to be the location for Joe and SJ’s Sydney wedding. Huge marquee’s dotted the land, each with it’s very own purpose. The daddy of all tents was a vintage themed reception venue, decked out with a world class sound system and DJ booth. The second was a first class kitchen fit for even Gordon Ramsey on a bad day. And the third was the chill out tent for breaks in-between DJ sets. I could see that this Sydney wedding was turing out to be more of a Sydney festival. The setting was perfect for these two, suited them to a tee. They laughed the whole day and partied the whole night. Their Sydney wedding was nothing short of perfect. Thank you guys for inviting me along to shoot your Sydney wedding, the pleasure was all mine.


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A Sydney Wedding Photographer

Sydney, the most beautiful city in the world. Sure I may be a little bias towards Sydney being that it’s my place of birth though nevertheless, it’s hard to deny this city’s untameable beauty. It’s a green city with parks, gardens and 100 year old trees dotted throughout it’s heart. And never far from even the biggest high-rise is the ocean and Sydney Harbour. This is without a doubt the go-to place for Sydney wedding photographers and I can tell you now as a Sydney wedding photographer myself, it’s one of mine too. With it’s panoramic ocean landscape opening up to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it’s no wonder so many people want to get down here for a few wedding pics. 10 mins out of the city and you’ve got the alternate hipster hangout of Newtown. Well today it’s not as funky as it once was but hang with the right people and they can guide you to it’s former glory days. Being a Sydney wedding photographer I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding down here but everyone always wants to head to the city … hint, hint. Head east and you’ll soon be welcomed by the world famous Bondi Beach. Come down here during summer and you’ll be right amongst it all. Half naked bodies roam the beach and streets as if the sun will never go down. This is summer though me personally as a Sydney wedding photographer, Spring is the time for Bondi. Less people, it’s heating up and less people. What’s crazy about Sydney is how much the landscape changes. To the east you’ve got some of Australia’s best beaches and to the west you’ve got the Blue Mountains. These are a collection of mountain ranges that stretch all along the NSW coast. Here you’ve got thick, lush bushland filled with more wildlife than Taronga Zoo. As a Sydney wedding photographer this place is my personal favourite. Here you can get down into some of Australia’s oldest and most well preserved landscape. Ok it can be a bit of an adventure but it’s no secret that to get the best photographs you sometimes need to take a few risks. Back in the city and those risks become less prevalent although if you want to be a successful Sydney wedding photographer then you’ve gotta be prepared. You’ve gotta be prepared for everything, anything and nothing. We can’t always be blessed with the best weather or best locations though that’s not important. What’s important is that you two have the best day of your lives. It’s your wedding day and as your Sydney wedding photographer I will capture and tell your story as it unfolds. We’ll laugh, we’ll be serious and then we’ll laugh again. You’re wedding day is all about you and with me being your Sydney wedding photographer, you will know this day is about you. See because to capture you best I need you to be your best. This means being happy, natural, stress free and smiles on your faces that only the occasional kiss can break. I hope that you’re reading this now and thinking “Yes, he gets me! I want White Boda as my Sydney wedding photographer”. Our encounter is short. I come for only one day to shoot the most important day of your lives and then I’m gone again. This is why it’s important that you find a wedding photographer that you can trust and work with like a mate. Years of experience has taught me that when we work together as mates, we produce a much more honest reflection of your wedding day. I hope by now we’re speaking the same language and you’ve made your choice for White Boda to be your Sydney wedding photographer. If not then have a look around my website and feel free to ask me a million questions. Hopefully then in the not too distant future we’ll be working together creating something special. I look forward to hearing from you and all the best from me Scott at White Boda wedding photography your …

Sydney Wedding Photographer

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