Welcome to White Boda

by Scott McCourt

Without inspiration, life’s pretty boring.

Love, people and travel may be pretty cliche inspirations, though without them I would’nt be here doing what I love. Australian made though living in Europe for the past 5 years 

No two people are the same, so neither are two weddings. When we work together it’s about making your wedding photos uniquely personal to you. We won’t follow a uniformed wedding photographer shoot, rather you’ll be so busy having fun you won’t even know I’m there. This is about capturing your most natural moments together as husband and wife. You’ll relax, be silly, be lovers, you will take control of the shoot because after all it is your wedding. 

Who is your wedding photographer?

My job everyday is to be the best human being I can possible be and when I’m at work behind my camera, it’s no different. Your wedding photographer is there with you from the beginning. From the dress to the cake and all the things in between. It’s a lot of trust and responsibility to give someone so it’s best to make sure they’re on your level. You need your wedding photographer to be a friend when needed, a professional at all times and move like a ninja in the night.


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